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As part of our efforts to help people live better, we’re supporting the American Heart Association’s efforts to raise awareness of the impact a healthy lifestyle has on fighting cardiovascular disease. Our support of the Heart Walk will provide an opportunity for thousands of survivors to visually show their triumph over heart disease and stroke, while simultaneously educating others about how to prevent these diseases by living a healthy lifestyle.

Our long relationship with the American Heart Association is being recognized in many communities by our presence and increase in contributions over any other professional services organization. This is an excellent opportunity for our Cintas partners to “walk with our clients” in an event that raises awareness around heart disease and stroke and raises funds for research and community education.

Our unique approach not only maximizes benefits to our communities, it strengthens our business through teaming with our clients and other community leaders as well as reinforcing the importance of a healthy lifestyle with the people of Cintas. Cintas is at the forefront of integrating community involvement strategies into the way we recruit, develop, and connect our people, as well as how we develop relationships and build our reputation in the marketplace.

We are also proud of the support Cintas Partners show for this cause by volunteering their time to participant in Heart Walks across the country. We encourage you to join this worthwhile effort to raise awareness for the importance of healthy living. These events raise the funding needed to enable the American heart Association to conduct important research and provide valuable education as part of their efforts to prevent heart disease. Cintas is proud to be a part of those efforts and we invite you to do the same.

Scott Garula
President and COO,
Cintas First Aid and Safety