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The Mitchell Family
Chance Mitchell, born to Melissa and Jonathan Mitchell, was brought back to life 4 times by CPR.  Chance was originally diagnosed with breath holding spells. Thankfully, a second doctor didn’t agree with the diagnosis. He told Melissa and Joe he believed Chance was a “heart baby” – as it turned out he had a very large hole in his heart and an arrhythmia. Around the same time, Melissa found out that she was pregnant. At 23 weeks she would go into early labor, and an ultrasound would reveal their unborn baby also had multiple heart defects. Read More

The Hisey Family
In a heartbeat, Jill Hisey’s life ended. One heartbeat earlier, she was with her son Trent at his Little League game at Windsor Field in Arcadia, CA. There in the dugout—without warning—Hisey’s heart went haywire. The attack was swift and catastrophic. As I was putting Trent’s catcher’s gear on him, I told him that my head hurt,” Hisey says. “Then I just collapsed. No one could have guessed what was coming for Hisey. She was a fit and healthy 44-year-old with absolutely no prior cardiac problems. Yet minutes later, there she lay, unconscious on the ground in the dugout, a victim of sudden cardiac arrest.  Read More

Christopher Lay
Christopher received his first AHA funded grant while in graduate school. Because of AHA’s support he went on to continue with research, where he now works on an experimental stroke therapy research could provide a cheap, drug-free and effective way to save lives. Read More

Lisa Satchfield
Irvine resident Lisa Satchfield completed a half marathon at the Surf City USA Marathon in Huntington Beach on February 1, 2009. A few days later she walked the runway at the Orange County Go Red For Women Luncheon Fashion Show. Lisa feels proud not because she completed a marathon and became a fashion model for a day, but because she accomplished them just a year-and-a-half after suffering a stroke that left her paralyzed on one side of her body and vision-impaired.  Read More

Teaching Garden
Have you ever asked yourself what it would take for our children to choose farm vegetables over fast food? Our teaching gardens offer a wealth of educational activities; to cultivate teamwork, sow the seeds of learning and reap a harvest of better health.  Read More

Dawn Helwig
"At Union Bank, total wellness is integrated into our corporate culture and we are proud to partner with the American Heart Association on My Heart My Life," said Union Bank Vice President and BTS Employee Engagement Leader Dawn Helwig. "This national movement reflects our core belief in making healthier lifestyle choices and encouraging our employees, families, and clients to adopt behavior that improves cardiovascular health to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke."  Read More 

Brian Lind's Story
Bloomington, MN
"My story is about ... About 9-10 months ago, I went to the ER because I was having abdominal pain. It turned out to be nothing severe was about to be discharged, when I passed out for about 2 minutes. So they kept me overnight and decided to take a look at my heart." Read More...

China Terrell's Story
Washington, DC
"My story is about ...The technician performing my echocardiogram did not have a poker face.  While she watched her screen, her eyes grew wide and in a flustered voice, she said, 'I’ll be right back.  I need more gel to finish the exam.'  When she left the room, I checked her gel tube.  It was completely full.  I knew then that something was terribly wrong." Read More...

Monica Murad's Story
San Francisco, CA
"My story is about...In the winter of 2004 at age 39, I was diagnosed with Bacterial Endocarditis. It is a condition caused by bacteria that gets into the bloodstream, and damages the valves of your heart. 
I was supposed to have heart valve replacement surgery because my heart was in such bad condition. I got lucky. Because of advancements in treatment made possible by research and the skill of my doctors, I didn’t end up needing the artificial valve.  Read More...

Walter Blake's Story
San Francisco, CA
"My story is about...On July 29, 2005, I was signing a document when I realized my signature looked strange. Then I suddenly felt dizzy. It was only because of my involvement with the American Heart Association’s Train to End Stroke program that I recognized these as warning signs of a stroke. I immediately asked to call 911.  Read More...

Christy and Steve's Story
Richmond, VA
"Our story is about...During an ultrasound, our daughter, Sydney was diagnosed with a life threatening condition called tricuspid valve atresia – meaning her tricuspid valve did not form. Since the tricuspid valve did not develop, her right ventricle did not grow. This means she only has three chambers to her heart, instead of four chambers.
Her first surgery was at 1-week-old. 

Erika L Fiske's Story
Albany, NY
"My story is about...We made this team in loving memory of Erika.  She was a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. She was always there for her family no matter what the circumstances and touched so many people’s lives. We wanted to make sure that she was represented in this walk because she would have wanted folks to know how important it is to think of others and not just ourselves. She was an incredible person and didn’t deserve to face such a tragic and unexpected end. At 47, she passed from a heart attack.  Read More...

Christine Corneille's Story
Seattle, WA
"My story is about...Eight years ago, at the age of twenty-nine, I suffered a minor stroke. Thankfully I recovered very quickly, but when my husband's company, Accenture, formed a team for the Start! Puget Sound Heart Walk supporting the American Heart Association (AHA) he was eager for our family to join. Three years later, in August of 2005, my wonderful husband Kevin collapsed and died instantly while on a business trip in Chicago."  Read More...

Brad Hobbs's Story
Hampton Roads, VA
"My story is about...It was Mother’s Day weekend 2003.   After playing a three-hour tennis match, I began to experience significant chest pressure and a low-grade fever. Despite being only 34 and in good shape, I was in constant pain for almost 13 hours.
I remember the shock of hearing the words, ‘you have had a heart attack’. Unfortunately, there was not an early diagnosis of the heart attack, and the delay in treatment led to subsequent heart muscle damage.  Read More...

Mindy Smith's Story
Chillicothe, OH
"My story is about...At the age of 23 my life began to change forever. In March of 2002, my boyfriend and I traveled to my hometown to celebrate Easter with my family. On the way home, I began to notice that I had a headache. My hand started falling asleep, I’d shake it and everything and I was laughing about it with him. Then my arm began falling asleep. Within a couple minutes I lost complete feeling on my right side. Read More...

Lehla Sambrick's Story
Miami, FL
"Our story is about...If you have ever met Lehla, you know that there is something truly special and unique about her. Life didn’t start out as we had expected it to. Lehla was born with a congenital heart defect, but believe me that was not stopping us.  Read More....

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