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Spread the word about Heart Walk and heart health.

  • Add a Heart Walk fundraising badge to your website or blog

  • Make Heart Walk your wallpaper on your computer screen

  • Download and post a Heart Hub health information center web banner on your site

      Fundraising Badges for your Website or Blog

    Log in to your Participant Headquarters, under the "Gadgets" tab to get the code that lets you put a dynamic fundraising badge that shows your current fundraising status on your web site or blog.

    Select from the following different badges, found in the "Gadgets" area of your participant headquarters.
    Copy the code to your blog or website, and not only will the thermometer display your current fundraising total, the "Sponsor Me" link will take people to your personal page to make a donation.

    Horizontal Badge

    Vertical Badge


      Downloadable Images for Your Online Use

  • Use a Heart Hub badge or banner on your blog or as your profile picture on Facebook or MySpace.
  • Make Heart Walk your wall paper on your computer screen.
  • Add an image from the American Heart Association to your e-mail auto signature.
  • Download and post a web banner on your site. We’ve inserted URLs that will link your site visitors to our Heart Hub health information center, or you may want users to click back to your personal Heart Walk fund-raising page.
  • Download Start! Wallpaper for Your Desktop:
    Size: 1024x768 | 1680x1050

    To download this image as your computer screen background. There are two sizes to choose from above the image. Click on the size that fits best with your screen settings.

    1. Right click on the image.
    2. Click on Set as Background.

    Start! Wallpaper Banner Images
    Under each of the images that follow is a box containing HTML code. Copy and paste the HTML code into your Facebook, MySpace, your blog, or your web site.
    HeartHub for Patients
    Copy the code below ↓
    HeartHub for Patients
    Copy the code below ↓
    HeartHub for Patients
    Copy the code below ↓
    HeartHub for Patients
    Copy the code below ↓